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Feeley & Company creates content that works at different stages of your sales cycle, delivering the right message to the right audience to turn prospects into business. Content that delivers your messages consistently across your web, social, mobile, and digital platforms, ensuring an integrated customer experience.

  • Customer Case Stories – Customer references can open doors and close sales. Feeley & Company gets your customers to talk and what they say will get your prospects to listen. We have the expertise to manage your customer reference program, from recruiting and interviewing customers, to writing strong content and obtaining approval.
  • SEO Copy – We research the keywords and long tail key phrases your customers use and write copy to maximize search engine results.
  • White Papers  We establish you as industry experts through white papers that explain your unique technology and how it helps customers succeed.
  • Email MarketingWe create content for email marketing campaigns that build brand awareness and strengthen customer relationships.
  • Blogs – We keep your customers engaged with a steady stream of fresh blog content that informs, educates, and motivates.
The Buzz

Is video more impactful at some stages of the sales cycle than others? How do companies become successful video publishers? SAS Research successfully uses video in a myriad of ways to sell the benefits of an ‘intangible’ product.