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Feeley & Company supports your brand with targeted, consistent messages across all marketing channels.
We ensure your messages are meaningful to your customers and true to your brand.
We are seasoned professionals with experience launching products, establishing brands, and developing and managing customer relationships.
We invest in understanding your products and services, customers, and how messages should be presented for maximum impact.
Feeley & Company gets your customers to talk and the customer case stories we write will get your prospects to listen.
Feeley & Company manages customer reference programs; from recruiting and interviewing, to writing content and obtaining approvals.
Feeley & Company delivers your message in your customers' own words, providing strong endorsements of your company, products, and services.
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Feeley & Company is a Boston-based marketing agency specializing in content creation for technology companies and Web-enabled businesses. We develop marketing and sales content that informs, educates, and persuades prospects to become customers, and customers to buy again and again.

Relevant content fuels customer engagements

We recognize every communication with a prospect or customer is an opportunity to reinforce your brand and build loyalty and preference. We create content that keeps your customer engaged, focusing on their needs, and how you can solve their problems and expand their opportunities. Content that expresses your unique capabilities and value propositions as tangible customer benefits.

Our experience helps you build your brand

Demand for marketing support always outstrips in-house resources. We have volumes of experience working with C-level executives formulating strategy, delivering compelling content and securing support and approval for case stories, quotes, and endorsements. We’ve walked in your shoes. Decades of experience building and managing technology brands makes Feeley & Company a natural extension of your team.

We know what it’s like when windows-of-opportunity open suddenly, strategies shift, and schedules change. We get up-to-speed quickly and get the job done – all the while representing your company and brand to the highest professional standards. We are committed to providing content that is on-target, on schedule, and within budget.

Feeley & Company. Experienced. Proven. Effective.

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